Understanding Uptown: A History

With historic architecture, creative and diverse businesses, and a wide range of housing options, Uptown is blossoming into one of Chicago’s most attractive residential neighborhoods. From its historic residential areas (Buena Park, Margate Park, and Sheridan Park) to its exciting “Asia on Argyle” shopping and dining corridor, residents find much to love in their charming neighborhood. Only six miles north of the Loop, three CTA Red Line stops, a number of bus lines, and Lake Shore Drive put all of Chicago is at your fingertips!

Until the mid-19th century, Uptown had few permanent residents except for a few German farming families. Not part of Chicago until 1889, the area was developed into several small, then-suburban developments. Today, these have transformed into historic pocket neighborhoods such as Cedar Lawn, Buena Park, and Sheridan Park. A population boom was made possible by the extension of the CTA Red Line to the neighborhood (where it terminated for many years before an extension to Howard Street). New construction filled the gaps between the original developments and gradually the area as a whole became known as “Uptown”.

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